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TeamSystem CPM (Construction Project Management) offers operators in the construction, plant engineering and design sectors an advanced and flexible software tool for generating quotations, managing project costs, planning and scheduling jobs and supporting works and site management, all ready for the BIM revolution.

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BIM 4D - Pianificazione e Programmazione

BIM 4D - Scheduling and Planning

View your project over time, planning each line item in your quotations using the Gantt chart, and see the virtual rendition of your construction made possible by the IFC standard.

BIM 5D – Controllo Costi e Contabilità di Cantiere

BIM 5D – Cost Control and Site Accounting

Achieve the operational control you need for the financial statements, monitor the financial performance of your project and prepare the list of items to be purchased.

Advantages of TeamSystem CPM

We call it the Value Added delivered by TeamSystem CPM.


TeamSystem CPM is IFC certified by Building SMART International, which guarantees compliance with applicable international standards and ensures the correct importing of IFC data.

Cost control

Fully integrated software for managing price lists, quotations and estimates, planning activities and controlling costs.

Fewer errors

Highlight issues and examine the economic results of your project over time. Control redundancy, minimizing procedures that take time and may be prone to error.

Increased earnings

MMaintain control over the project, quantities and costs during both the planning and execution phases. Transform information about your project into real production data and increase your earnings.


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What do you need to start?

  • 1 Have purchased a license and received the confirmation email
  • 2 Have registered the 'Teamsystem ID'
  • 3 Have downloaded the client to your computer
Download 'TeamSystem CPM Cloud' (the download takes a few minutes)
The program will then be available in the Windows start menu or by a link on the desktop.

Make sure that the email with which you registered and that is indicated in the purchase email is registered to 'Teamsystem Id'.

You can check that everything is fine by clicking on the 'Manage profile' button in the login form or directly to this link.

Start 'TeamSystem CPM Cloud' from the link on the desktop or from the Windows start menu and log in with the data provided in the confirmation email.

Remember to check that the email is registered at Teamsystem ID and that it is the one indicated in the confirmation email received from ''.

It is possible to add additional users in addition to the initial one; new users will have to:
1 have registered email to the 'Teamsystem Id';
2 be included in the user management of 'TeamSystem CPM Cloud' (email in the 'TEAMSYSTEM ID' field).